Sundown Collaborative Theatre formed late in 2007. Frustrated by the lack of opportunity and driven by artistic passion, six Denton artists began work on a unique project. Using original text, music, and choreography they rehearsed when and where they could, often in apartments, garages, and basements, and at odd hours and odd places. The challenges of a miniscule budget and a lack of time led them to work harder and to think more creatively. They explored new ideas, methods, and emotions to form an artistic collage. The result, Conversations About Love, premiered in March 2008 at Green Space Arts Collective in Denton.

Since then, many artists have worked with the company and a lot about the company has changed. Discovering the unique challenges and rewards of rehearsing and performing in a variety of venues around Denton, Sundown produced a daring mix of plays: classics with a new twist, modern and experimental works, comedies, dramas, and shows that were collaboratively created by the cast during the rehearsal process.

Sundown began as a group of college students with little real life experience producing plays and running a business. They discovered that the best way to learn to do something is to try and teach yourself and learn from mistakes and successes along the way. In September 2011, Sundown was accepted as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation.

In 2010, videotape, by Cody Lucas, was invited to be a part of WaterTower’s Out of the Loop Festival. And in 2011, Sundown produced Happily Ever After, also by Cody Lucas, which was selected to be one of the plays performed at the New York International Fringe Festival. The show’s cast and production team consisted of many Sundown members, who raised the money for the trip themselves.

We are proud to be rooted in Denton, which has been home to a flourishing art scene for many years. We are committed to showing that great art can be represented and supported in the DFW theatre community.