“Somewhere Forever,” a staged reading, written and directed by Anthony Spurgin
Performing Saturday, November 19th 8pm
Tech: November 18th.
The performance will have limited seating and will be filmed.
Specific Location TBD, but will take place in Denton

“Somewhere Forever” is an intense spiritual fable about three women who feel brought together by a cosmic power far greater than themselves, and that they must unite together for the purpose of communicating with the spirit of death. We are calling for ten actors (five of which will be double cast) Most rehearsals will be held over zoom.

If you are interested in participating please contact with the following information:

-Your name/pronouns
-Your age
-Where you are located
-The role(s) you are interested in
-Your availability between now and November 19th, 2022. Please list all conflicts.

You may select from the list of characters below you would like read for. Once you have emailed the requested information we will respond to you with the sides of the characters you have chosen.

Please have the audition tape submitted by 11:59pm October 19th.

The characters of Rose, Lily, and Lilac will be asked to sing a simple, short song in the reading. If reading for those characters, please include a short song (1 minute or less)


Rose: 20-30, The first flower of the floral trinity. Openly quiet and demure but there’s a fiery and purpose driven spirit hidden beneath that’s ready to burst. Role requires singing.

Lily: 20-30, The second flower of the floral trinity. Intelligent, a reader and a caring doctor to her patients. Very moral and loyal. Role requires singing.

Lilac:18-25, The third flower of the floral trinity and the youngest. Resilient and tough but emotionally scared. She makes it through life with a stiff upper lip but searches for an answer for her pain. Role requires singing.

Jerry: 20-30, A devout mormon who struggles with his faith. Has a chance meeting with Rose which becomes a perceived divine encounter. Actor will also play an alternative version of Jerry in another dimension.

Neil: 20-30, A devout mormon who doesn’t struggle with his faith. He is devoted and focused on the mission of preaching and spreading the word of God. Actor will also play an alternative version of Neil in another dimension.

James: Actor must convincingly portray 16 or 17. A disturbed young man who struggles with thoughts of violence and destruction. Actor will also play an alternative version of James in another dimension.

Howard: 40-60, Younger actors will be considered. A successful and wealthy businessman with a distinguished reputation whose past suddenly comes back to haunt him. Actor will also play an alternative version of Howard in another dimension.

Janice: 30-40, Younger actors will be considered. Howard’s secretary. She’s been carrying on an affair with him and plans to marry him. Becomes frustrated when Lilac comes along threatening her situation. Actress will also play an alternative version of Janice in another dimension.

Death: All ages considered.The spirit of death. The classic image of the grim reaper dressed in black holding a scythe. He has a secret.

The child: 10, A mocking spiteful spirit, the assistant to death. A pivotal character. Actual children or young adults or can convincingly portray children are encouraged to audition.

“I wish to thank each and every one of you who audition for your interest in this project! Sundown Collaborative Theatre is a wonderful institution and I am so excited to work with them once again.” – Anthony Spurgin