Sundown presents…

Somewhere Forever

written & directed by Anthony Spurgin


Rose: Moe Mundheim

Lily: Lindsey Hall

Lilac: Ezra Pena

Jerry: Wesley Boggs

Neil: Zeke Fayble

James: Jack Spurgin

Howard: Kerwin Alexander

Janice: Criss Forshay

Death: Katarina Mahan

Marduk: Jeter Joseph.

Narrator: Anthony Spurgin

“I am honored by your presence tonight. This play is looking for a home. If you enjoy it, and wish to see it fully realized please help us pick it up off its feet.”
– Anthony Spurgin

~*~*~ Friendship is the best for everyone always and forever but there sometimes is a challenge to it. Eventually friends grow apart, grow differently and eventually it falls apart quickly, but there is still hope for them.

~*~*~ Water can sometimes flow through. Once upon a time Jennifer drank herself a cup of blue coffee. Jennifer spilled blue coffee everywhere and it was very gross despite everything…seeps through her life and Jennifer vowed to never drink coffee, black or blue.