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Accepting Stories NOW: Body Stories (a working title) | A devised piece conceived and guided by Brandy Townsend | Summer 2023 | Sundown Collaborative Theatre [image description: square image with a light blue background and accents in darker blues and deep red, and a few yellow sparkle stars. In the center of the image, below the title text, there is a collection of "body" shapes (round head, rectangular torso, inverted trapezoid legs) in a variety of skin tones, from pale beige to dark brown.]

Sundown Collaborative Theatre is now accepting submissions for…

Body Stories (a working title)

For the second installment in Sundown Collaborative Theatre’s, Stories: A Working Title series, we are looking for body stories.

We each have a unique body that comes with its own unique experiences.

We want to create an art showcase that tells as many stories, about as many different bodies, as possible. To achieve this goal, we are reaching out to you to tell us a story about life in your body. 

This story could be about your body’s size, gender, race; about your body’s chronic pain or illness; about how you treat your body; about how others treat your body; about the expectations you, or others, have about your body; about a journey (medical, physical, or emotional) you have taken with your body; about the unique challenges of what it means to navigate life in your particular body… or any other aspect of your body that impacts your life.

We want stories that uplift us, that make us cry, that make us angry, that make us hope, that make us understand.

Sundown Collaborative Theatre is honored by each and every story shared and by the opportunity to create this project with the community. All stories will be kept anonymous unless otherwise requested.

Note: don’t worry about crafting a polished, finished piece — or even a coherent narrative! These stories will be taken and workshopped into various art forms and storytelling. Some may be acted scenes or monologues, some told through movement, dance, music, visual art, or whichever medium fits best, depending on our cast of artists.

~*~We will be accepting stories until the end of May! ~*~

There are a few ways to share your story:

If you wish, you may leave your name and contact information (we will only reach out if we have questions or would like permission to use your story in a particular way).

Please reach out to the email above with any questions you may have.

We can not promise to use every story but we will do our best to weave in as many as possible. 

We look forward to hearing your story.