Season 14, Sundown Shows

MURDER AT ACTION LANES by Sundown Collaborative Theatre


Murder At Action Lanes

Written by Julia Bodiford, Ryan Davila, Jacob Drum, Lindsey Hall, Robert Linder, Matt McNabb, Kelsey Smith, & Kurt Van Zandt

Directed by Kurt Van Zandt

A high noire/low camp murder mystery radio show from Sundown Collaborative Theatre. This original tale is set in 1954, during the peak of the American obsession with ten-pin bowling before its rapid decline. When a gruesome murder occurs during a big tournament at Action Lanes, Detective Raymond Barros locks in the 14 people present at the dive to try and find the killer before his Sergeant comes to collect him in mere hours.

JANET CIVELLA: Julia Bodiford
SCARLET JACOBS: Brandy Townsend
DAN: Joe Jolley
FISHFACE: Ryan Davila
HY ROLLER: Nolan Chapa
FRANCES SHAW: Josh Dobelbower
DEEJAY: Kurt Van Zandt
NARRATOR: Josh Dobelbower
BABS TURNER: Kelsey Smith
VIVIAN BROWN: Naomi Kliewer
BB GUN: Matt McNabb
MICKEY: Caleb Lewis
EZEKIEL: Jacob Drum
ADDITIONAL VOICES: Lindsey Hall & Courtney Dobelbower

 Episode 1 through 3 out now!

Listen wherever you get your podcasts, or check out our Youtube channel to listen there!

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