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TINY APOCALYPSE by Sundown Collaborative Theatre

Tiny Apocalypse

Directed by Kurt Van Zandt


Even in THE END OF DAYS our (virtual) Short Works Festival remains. Your host, Kurt Danger and a one-man-house-band will guide you through a curated batch of short, filmed pieces, centered on the theme of the end of the world. In true Short Works Festival Tradition, there will be a drinking game, goofs, laughs and some tender moments. In a telethon-style event, we’ll be raising money for the Black Trans Advocacy Coalition. Join us and bask in the heat of the flames of this Tiny Apocalypse.


Julia Bodiford
Ryan Davila
Erin Devany
Lindsey Hall
Jenna Howard
Naomi Kliewer
Alexandria LaRue
Robert Linder
Kelsey Smith
Brandy Townsend
Kurt Van Zandt
Chris Watts

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