Season 10, Sundown Shows



SEPTEMBER 8th-10th & 15th-17th, 2017

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Sundown Collaborative Theatre’s A SMASHED MASH UP features a variety of short acts ranging from the scripted and linear to the devised and absurd. This year’s festival dives into the chaos of contemporary life and explores how we react when forced to confront unexpected and unpredictable situations and people.

A Moment

A person’s peaceful coffee break in the park is interrupted by a stranger who, grieving the loss of their beloved pet, is searching for distraction in the form of a game of Hide and Seek. Conflict and comedy ensues, and a secret is revealed.

  • WRITTEN BY: Tyler Cochran
  • DIRECTED BY: Jade Terrell
    • CAST: Tempie Love, Alexuss Song, and Aaron Dismuke

Batteries not Included

Two strangers find themselves imprisoned in a strange room, with no idea of how they came to be there and no memory of their own lives or names. They search for a way out together, but escape is no easy feat.

  • WRITTEN BY: Britnee Schoville
  • DIRECTED BY: Ashton Richie
    • CAST: Ashton Richie and Ryan Blakey

The End of the World isn’t So Bad

A young woman gets more than she bargained for when a Craigslist deal goes awry. That TV she wanted may already be gone, but now she’s being offered something better: a spaceship ride to another planet. After all, the world is ending in 8 minutes…or is it?

  • WRITTEN  AND DIRECTED BY: Matthew Defoore
    • CAST: Kelsey Smith, Robert Linder, and Cecy Lozano

Endlessly Rocking

A father’s death sparks existential conversations, confessions of adultery, and shared attempts at expressing grief and loss.

  • WRITTEN BY: JP Schuffman
  • DIRECTED BY: Lillith Grey
    • CAST: Christina Bridges, Amber Perkins, Aaron Dismuke, and Jo Hargis

The Microwave

A group of co-workers is amazed to discover that the break room microwave has manifested strange magical powers. Brought closer and closer together by this phenomenon, the group must decide what to do with their newfound burden of knowledge and power.

  • WRITTEN BY: Gerald Fitzgerald
  • DIRECTED BY: Travis Barth
    • CAST: Jane Schaab, Ryan Davila, Robert Linder, Kelsey Smith, Christina Bridges, Stephen Maxon, and John Schaab

Mutton to See Here

The arrival of a new sheep creates waves of anxiety as a family comes to terms with the loss of a beloved pet.

  • WRITTEN BY: Byron Harris
  • DIRECTED BY: Julia Bodiford and Ryan Davila
    • CAST: Britnee Schoville, Keelan Callaghan, and Stephan Maxon

Pomeo and Plath

Edgar Allan Poe and Sylvia Plath, young and star-crossed lovers, pine after one another in this dark, cross-over comedy.

  • WRITTEN BY: Cody Lucas
  • DIRECTED BY: Nicole Newman Probst 
    • CAST: Travis Barth and Melanie Barth 

Sanity in the Key of ‘C’

A man shares how he came to discover his passion, in a story of youth, honesty, and…something like love?

  • WRITTEN BY: Cody Lucas
  • DIRECTED BY: Julia Bodiford
    • CAST: Nolan Chapa

Some Kind of Metaphor

Two inmates pass the time with a conversation about cockroaches, prison, God, and more. But complex literary devices can lead to troubling existential quandaries when applied to real life, and one inmate goes a little overboard.

  • WRITTEN BY: Franky D. Gonzalez
    • CAST: Jane Schaab and Jo Hargis

Taking the Edge Off

A couple finds themselves in an embarrassing predicament just before a much-anticipated pool party. Jane is appalled, Bill is amused, and tensions rise as they argue about how to keep their friends from noticing Bill’s not-so-ordinary “health issue”.

  • WRITTEN BY: Iris Baldwin
  • DIRECTED BY: Matthew Rodriguez
    • CAST: Carlos Zamorano and Tatiana Gantt

The Sorting App

A silly online quiz throws a couple’s relationship into crisis.

  • WRITTEN BY: C. Moon Reid
  • DIRECTED BY: Chloe McDowell
    • CAST: Naomi Kliewer and Jo Hargis

Three Triple Six Four Oh Five Three

A visit between an inmate and a young family member brings up painful truths, hard-earned wisdom, and a plea for change.

  • WRITTEN BY: Franky D. Gonzalez
  • DIRECTED BY: Terrence Benard
    • CAST: Alandra Baptise, Zaire Adams
    • Voiceover by Tony Ferraro